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KPOP_OLYMFICS: Because we do it better in teams

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Welcome to K-Pop Olymfics, the first team-based fic competition on this side of the Kpop scene. We were inspired by je_ficgames, and some info has been borrowed from them (with permission, of course).

what you need to know
Participants will be grouped into three teams that each write specific genres. This isn't a competition between pairings or idol groups, but a team competition. Participants will be allowed to select three groups they would like to write for, and can write for any of the three. The aim is to have a near equal number of writers per idol group on each team. This is so that each idol group receives equal representation and evens out reader-bias among all the teams.

the teams
Team Canon/Alternate Reality — Team Canon/AR writers work within the current reality of K-Pop. The fics are set in the reality of K-Pop as it is right now, or has previously been, with no changes. They also have the option of writing Alternate Reality, which is set in the K-Pop world as we know it, but with a (realistic!) change to real life (such as a trainee who was cut from the group line-up making it into the group, a group's break-up never happened, an unpopular group became popular, etc). Most of the events in Team Canon/AR, however, are expected to be based on fandom facts. They may take place in the past, but may not take place more than one year into the future.

Team Alternate Universe — Team AU writers may set their stories in any universe they wish (except canon or future!). These new settings and situations may be as ordinary (coffee shop, college, hospital) or as unusual (airship pirates, futuristic space explorers, fantasy heroes on an epic quest) as you want. In the AU universe, K-Pop as we know it does not exist; though idols and idol groups may exist, the story must be set outside idol group life.

Team Future — Team Future writers will take K-Pop's current reality, but fast-forward a bit. Their stories will be set at least one year into the future, and speculate on what might become of our idols in the years to come. However, though these stories may be set very far in the future, they must avoid going into science fiction territory; there are no major changes in technology (such as teleporting, holographs, idols becoming indestructible robots, etc).

how it works
Once sign-ups have closed and match-ups are sent, teams are free to interact and meet with each other through instant messaging, secret communities, locked twitters, etc. in order to discuss tactics and foster some creative synergy (or something). A prompt list composed of Kpop song lyrics, MVs and supplementary picture and text prompts will be sent to each team and writers must decide amongst themselves who will be writing what internally. Take note that you don't need to choose the song prompt of the idol group you are in charge of.

Once each prompt has been claimed, the writing begins. Team members will have until March 15th to write at least 1000 words of fic based on the prompt assigned to them and centered around their chosen idol group.

Fics will be posted anonymously by a mod every day, with fic from all three teams for the same round being posted at the same time. At that point, the fate of the teams lies in the hands of the readers. (Readers are free to leave comments on the fic if they feel so inclined, but until reveals at the end of the competition, writers are not allowed to reply.) We highly encourage that you give all fics a chance, but please do not automatically give a low rating to a fic that is about your least favorite character or most hated pairing, or automatically score a fic highly because it is the fic from your team. Rather, base your score on the following criteria.

Criteria for Scoring
Readers, upon finishing the fic, should fill out the poll linked at the end of the fic based on the following criteria:
Rate how much you enjoyed this fic (1-10)
Rate how much you enjoyed this fic (1-10)
Rate the interpretation of the prompt (1-5)
Rate how true this fic is to its team's genre (1-5)
Rate how well they explored the universe (1-5)
Additional comments?

A perfect score would be 25 points. Points per fic will be averaged, and a winner will be declared for each round. The team that wins the most rounds at the end will be crowned champion.

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